Head Candy Electric Sweets

Head Candy Electric Sweets

  • £3.50

Head Candy is a hard boiled sweet with an electrical sensation that will challenge your sensory perceptions. Hand made in the UK using only natural fruit and plant extracts, with no artificial flavourings, colours, caffeine or other stimulants. Head Candy delivers three experiences…


An indescribable flavour. What you taste will be very familiar but almost impossible to pin down…as it is always changing.

Electric charge

A few minutes into the flavours you’ll start feeling like electricity is dancing in your mouth. It’s a sensation you will never have experienced before, like a buzzing or tingling around your tongue, as the nerves in your mouth are vibrated at 50 Hz frequency.


The electrical effect you’ll experience is very invigorating. So if you’re driving, working or just feeling slightly tired, pop one of these in and it’ll recharge your senses.

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