Caprisun Blackcurrant 330ml

Caprisun Blackcurrant 330ml

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Capri-Sun is a great tasting fruit juice drink packed in a fun pouch.
Try original Blackcurrant, a classic Capri-Sun flavour bursting with tangy goodness.

Original Capri Sun has always been made with two core natural ingredients; real fruit juice & water, and it's always been made without preservatives, artificial colours, flavours & sweeteners.

See for yourself, just look at how few ingredients there are on our packs.

And now we're proud to say that original Capri Sun has 50% less sugar* and still contains nothing artificial.

We have reduced the sugar content by 50% through the introduction of stevia, a sweetener from a natural source, without compromising on the great taste of our fruit juice drink.

Capri Sun. Taste the Fun.

*50% Less sugar than our previous original recipe

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