Break a Bar E-liquid By Stumpy Juice

Break a Bar E-liquid By Stumpy Juice

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Break a Bar by Stumpy Juice. 25ml of zero nicotine e-liquid in a 30ml bottle. 70% VG / 30% PG and flavourings.

FLAVOURS:  The specially crafted wafer bar wrapped in a tasty soft milk chocolate. With a delicious crispy feeling. The perfect chocolate vaping experience.

This product is ideal for use with nicotine shots, OR without for cloud chasing, where nicotine is not desired. Half a bottle of nicotine shots, at 18mg nicotine strength, when added to (diluted into) this bottle of 25ml zero-nicotine e-liquid will produce 30ml of e-liquid at a nicotine strength of 3mg. This bottle has spare capacity to take half a bottle of nicotine shots. IMPORTANT NOTE: add nicotine shots to the juice in stages, testing by vaping as you go, to ensure you don't over strengthen the nicotine level beyond your preference.

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